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Download Super Science Bros.

Greetings and welcome to the best game in PsychoPy: Super Science Bros.! This is a Super Mario-clone, proof-of-concept demo, that was developed as an experiment to see how far PsychoPy could be pushed (and to have a little bit of fun). This game was programmed using the PsychoPy Builder (2021.1.4). It primarily utilizes loops, condition files, and images, with a heavy dose of code to make it all work as a game.

Feel free to share this demo with all your friends and colleagues. You can also inspect the code if you'd like to try to learn about how this game works. (Though be warned, the code gets a little complicated at times!)

Fun aside, if you are in need of serious and professional help with PsychoPy, I offer programming and consulting services and also PsychoPy Bootcamps for lab group training. If you are in need of my help, you can contact me today at